Bitter Guana Cay

Bitter Guana Cay is a must stop to explore this tiny island. Amazing coral rock formations hand over a picture perfect little lagoon. As soon as you land on Bitter Guana Cay, you will notice the island is filled with iguanas. These iguanas are endangered species, with the population being less than 5,000.

If you just pass by on boat, you will notice dozen of iguanas on the island; they won’t move or barely even blink. Once you pull up your boat & jump off you will notice they will come right up to you. They hang around like puppy dogs, basking in the sun & playing with the visitors. Just like the other island in The Exumas that are inhabited by wildlife, these little guys are accustomed to people visitings & feeding them, they are somewhat domesticated. As you walk the beach, you will notice some stay in hiding; they are super friendly, although they will only let you get so close. The iguanas on this island are typically up to 2 feet long, but they can grow up to 4 feet long.

Due to their isolation to the rest of the world, the iguanas are indigenous to this island & are not found anywhere else. Scientists have come from all over to study these creatures. If you take a closer look & really examine their features, you will notice their prehistoric resemblance to dinosaurs. In fact, this was a location where Jurassic Park III: The Lost World was filmed. In the opening scene of Jurassic Park III, a wealthy family lands on an island where a little girl was attacked by a dozen Compsognathus. Many believe that Bitter Guana Cay was the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s opening scene in The Lost World.

The iguanas live in large social colonies with a lack of social structure; typically not aggressive towards each other. They just love to bask in the sun, relax & greet with visitors to ‘their"‘ island.

There is actually two islands in The Exumas that have the iguanas; Bitter Guana Cay & Allan’s Cay. There are dozens of rock iguanas on these islands. The Exumas is one of the few places left in the world that you can find these beautiful creatures.

What do they like?

The iguanas are vegetarians; more technically herbivores. They prefer plants & berries; lettuce & grapes are their favorite. They go months without drinking water, and get their hydration from the foods they eat. Brining a collapsable bowl & some fresh water would be a real treat for them. Although they look ferocious, like they could bite you at any time (I guess anything could happen). They really are just looking to interact with you & take the treats you bring them.

How to get to Bitter Guana Cay? Bitter Guana Cay is located near Staniel cay. You either have to charter your own boat, or take a guided tour.

Bring your camera & take some photos with these cute critters; they are very interesting to see! This tiny islands offers more than just seeing these endangered species, there are some magnificent beaches, spectacular crashing waves on the eastern snores, and pleasant snorkeling. Here on Bitter Guana Cay there are numerous shallow pools filled with coral & sea life. The rock formations along the coast are so interesting to see. Bring your binoculars because Faith Hill & Nicholas Cage’s private islands are close by.