The pristine waters, shifting sandbars, and unique marine & wildlife make The Exumas the most exotic collection of dream destinations. With sapphire-blue waters everywhere, the sandbars are one of the experiences you shouldn’t miss when you travel to The Exumas.

Sandbar at Musha Cay

A secluded saddleback sandbar is something everyone should experience at some point int heir lifetime. Take a dreamy walk with your family and friends. Sit and admire the shades of blue that can be seen for miles.

Mile Long Sandbar

Located just south of Big Farmer’s Car, this stretch of pure white sand emerges from the clear blue water at low tide. It is commonly known as “Mile long Sandbar.” This stretch of sand goes on for “a mile”. It is perfect for shelling, sunbathing, and picnicking. Most days you will have this “private” beach all to yourself.

If you are on your honeymoon, we strongly recommend coming here. Some tours will bring you here, but you will most likely have to rent your own boat & travel here. It’s so private & romantic, (most days) no one can see you for miles! Plan ahead with food & drinks; this is a free experience just a matter of getting here & it will give you truly breathtaking views!