Swimming Pigs


It all started when…


Pigs & piglets appeared on one of The Exuma Cays, Big Major Cay, also known as “Pigs Beach” for obvious reasons. This island is entirely uninhabited by humans.

How did the Pigs get to Big Major Cay?

How did the pigs get to Pig Beach? We really don’t know for sure. Some say the pigs were left by a group of sailors / pirates who planned to come back for them & cook them. Some also say they swam over to Big Major Cay from a shipwreck nearby. These wild pigs are extremely friendly in the middle of paradise.

What to Experience

Upon approaching Big Major Cay; loud, snorting pigs will paddle out over 15 yards in the clear blue waters to greet you. You can give the pigs food & water; if your going to visit please bring them some treats! The best thing for the pigs would be pitted fruits & vegetables. It is best to feed them in the water from the boat, rather than in the sand to avoid more sand ingestion. An alternative to food would be attempting to feed them fresh water, as their supply on the island is limited.


Pull your boat up to the beach & interact with the wildlife. Grab a selfie, they are even cuter in person. **Side note; if you scare easily I suggest roaming the beach food free. If you’re carrying food around, they will chase you & some of these pigs are quite large!

Most tours to Big Major Cay run from 9am to sunset. If you have the option to take your own boat, I suggest going first thing in the morning so you have the most uninterrupted experience with the pigs. By late afternoon, you will typically find the pigs with full bellies lounging in the sand rather than paddling out in the water to greet you. You can visit Pig Beach any time of year; but know if a major storm is expected, the pigs are usually taken to a shelter by a local water sports company!

What to bring when visiting Pig Beach?

It’s always good to have a checklist & be prepared when traveling to make sure you have the BEST experience! When visiting the swimming pigs there are a few things you need to make sure you bring with you!

GoPro Camera & Waterproof Casel - SunBum - Yeti Tumbler - Collapsable Water Bowl

GoPro5 WaterProof Case

SunBum Sunscreen

Yeti Bottle

Portable Water Bowl

Ray Ban Avaitor Sunglasses

How to get to Big Major Cay?

The only way to get to Pig Beach (Big Major Cay), is by boat. You either have to charter your own boat, or take a guided tour. The island of Big Major Cay is about 82 miles southeast of Nassau, and about 50 miles northwest of Georgetown.

The swimming pigs of The Exumas, in the Bahamas, have become a bucket-list sensation.