Swim with Sharks


Do you dare?

Sharks get a bad reputation as being bullies of the ocean. For anyone who is afraid of these creatures, face your fears & jump in. I highly recommend making a stop at Compass Cay. Swimming with the sharks in The Exumas is a once in a lifetime adventure! Now now, don’t show up expecting to swim with great white sharks and being put in a cage; because in Compass Cay it’s much more chill. The nurse sharks are much safer than the sharks you’re envisioning. Nurse sharks are typically harmless to humans. They are bottom dwelling, slow moving, and mainly hunt smaller foods. Beware though, they can grow to be huge, have super strong jaws and thousands of tiny, but sharp teeth. They also have the ability to suck like a vacuum; overall just stay away from their mouths.

What to expect?

We want you to have the best experience in The Exumas. If you don’t need a lesson I say jump right in & explore the beautiful waters at Compass Cay. There are a few things I think you should know before jumping right in. Expect these guys to bump into you and always try to remain calm while you’re in the water with them. The owner of the marina will typically be feeding them chum (fish bits), which will cause them to get excited, swim rapidly towards the food & bump into you. There are signs along the dock saying don’t feed them while in the water. But heres the thing, theres a difference between feeding them in the water and being in the water while they’re being fed. DO NOT hand feed them; it’s a very bad idea. You can be in the water while others are feeding them from the dock; just keep your hands away from their mouth, better yet, try to keep your hands out of the water if they are being fed right next to you.


The nurse sharks are fairly domesticated. They are around humans almost everyday & expect to have humans in the water with them. They enjoy being pet on their back; they feel like rough sandpaper!

What to bring?

Cash: There is a docking fee at Compass Cay of $10/pp; whether you swim with the sharks or not.

GoProHERO: bring your camera & video camera to take some underwater pictures and videos of your experience. It’s incredible to relive the experience on camera. I strongly recommend the GoProHero with underwater case, float handle, & tripod stick.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: If you have the opportunity to come to The Exumas by boat, I strongly recommend bringing this Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board from the start of your journey. There is so many beautiful places in The Exumas that this activity would be a game changer & awesome to have on demand! The best part is it is inflatable & comes with a small pump, so that means it’s easy storage and you don’t have to travel the waters with a 12ft fiberglass board when you’re not using it. In my opinion, this is a no brainer- easy to store & then you don’t have to rent one at every island to explore the waters. If you never saw one of these in person before, let me just tell you this is VERY sturdy. I know you’re probably thinking, inflatable & Standup probably won’t work for an average adult, but the material is so thick you honestly cant even tell its not a fiberglass Paddle Board. For boating & traveling, I 150% recommend this & it folds up to be the size of a small backpack!

Inflatable Standup Paddle Board



I can honestly say, it’s more fun than scary. It’s a great unique adventure that can not be found everywhere you go. Take lots and lots of pictures- the wildlife in The Exumas is truly remarkable!

** You can also find these nurse sharks at Staniel Cay, but the experience is much more rewarding at Compass Cay!